from "Real Life Action Hero" by T Reynolds

Isaac’s camdrone perched upon a nearby rent-a-charger and zoomed in on the two men as they walked into the RemoleCafé, trying to appear calm. The decor in the cafe was dominated by two huge waterfall walls pulling from the tower’s recycler system. Sitting on coffee-colored cerament floors, the bar took up the back of the room. Assorted seating was scattered about. They punched in their orders and waited silently.

A minute later, Green Eye Teas in hand, the two found a table to catch their breath. Ohreno sipped his tea while shooting angry glances at Isaac; who was in the midst of setting up that damn pompous antiquated tablet of his.

At last Ohreno couldn’t hold it any longer.

“You nearly fucking killed me,” he said through clenched teeth. “Now someone is probably tracking us, and I’d like to know who it is. The Black Glove? The Muni? Hell, maybe it’s Ashvin themselves―God knows who.” There was no response. “You’re fucking insane! Just... insane!”

Isaac looked up from his tablet with a shit-eating grin, as if he hadn’t heard a word the other man had said. "You haven’t looked at your feed yet, have you? Take a look now. The drone got the whole chase on video. We blew up the cloud, man!"

# # #

- from "Real Life Action Hero" by T Reynolds

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