Images & Inspiration

UbiquiCity Cover Art by KHIUS

UbiquiCity contains a number of different urban environments; the society is highly stratified, and this shows in everything from automated systems to architecture as you move from District to District. Team Ubi uses a number of Pinterest Boards to keep track of visual ideas during the planning and writing stages of each book.

The UbiquiCity Vision board provides both inspiration and visual prompts for the differences between the various Districts.

The Future Fashion board is where we keep track of interesting ideas for character looks, clothing, and personal equipment.

The Smart City board includes both explanatory material on how a Smart City might work, as well as images and inspiration for smart urban systems of all kinds, as envisioned in the books.

The Augmented Reality board inspires with images of current AR applications, artists' renderings of future AR, and some images of the hardware that might be involved in a ubiquitous AR environment.