Tales of the Fractopian Future

The UbiquiCity anthology is comprised of ten stories set in the same computer-augmented world, one hundred years in our future. Stories include...

Real Life Action Hero by T Reynolds --
A plucky investigative reporter and a beleaguered cop in training make an unusual duo, and a mysterious find.

Rat Queen to Black King by S L Koch --
Chasing down darknet rumors of a rogue AI for a man who may not exist? That's just an appetizer for K8T, queen of the Tube Rats.

Feed the Hand that Bites You by Tod Foley --
A day in the life of CivSec Director Parnas Harn, and a glimpse into the hidden workings of politics and power in UbiquiCity.

Surrounded by Dolphins by Adrian McCauley --
Nerita, a young transplant to the city from the wilderlands, learns that augmented society is not what she imagined.

Awake by Nikos Carcosa --
An explosion shakes the earth, systems come online, and somewhere in the depths of the Rainier Arcology a new form of consciousness stirs.

Swoosh by Tod Foley --
Nadim was glad to find a job, especially at his advanced age, but this one wasn't quite like anything he had expected.

To Summon Mountains by DeAnna Knippling --
The only people more shrouded in mystery than The Librarian are the infamous Pan Sibs; and tonight they would meet for the first time.

Stockholm Syndrome by Shariann Lewitt --
Could the AI that calls itself "Elder" help Kat, queen of fash, to find meaning in her life? And what exactly was "life" anyway?

Murder Inc by Antony Copeland --
Wessex Patel thought he was the best gamer to ever enter virtual space, but he was about to discover a game that would take him far beyond his expectations.

Rebel, Rebel by Tod Davies --
Raised in a corporate klatch under the ever-watchful eyes of a compassionate robot, what was there for Rebecca to do but rebel?